Orioles cut ties with bulk of MASN crew

A day after the announcement that long-time Orioles commentator Jim Hunter would not return, another bomb has been dropped on Oriole fans. According to an article in The Athletic, the Orioles have cut ties with a majority of the MASN crew, including the pre and post game shows.

Included in these cuts are the main staples of the Orioles broadcast team. Long-time commentator Gary Thorne and his amazing home run call will not return, as well as former player and analyst Mike Bordick. Even worse, the MASN pre and post game show will be cut, which also ends the ties between the team and Rick Dempsey, Dave Johnson, and Tom Davis.

Partially as a result of the financial loss from the MASN dispute between the Orioles and Nationals, as well as a loss of revenue in the shortened 2020 season has caused the Angelos family to severely cut down on spending. Unfortunately for Oriole fans, this includes too many household names, as well as far too much of the Orioles game day traditions on MASN.

As for the 2021 season, the broadcast team we saw last season will be present again. As for Jim Palmer, it seems he has made the cut and potentially will return to the booth in 2021.

As for the amazing voices and personalities we lost today, thank you for years of representing the Orioles! No fan will ever forget the captivating home run call of Gary Thorne, or the pure delight on the face of Rick Dempsey as he would break down a game we just witnessed.

As Gary would say after an Orioles win, “Adieu-Adieu!”

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