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Welcome to The Baltimore Battery – What the fans need to know! On this site, our content is created by Baltimore Orioles fans, for Baltimore Orioles fans. Our passion for the Orioles and our love for baseball are what makes us the next best blogging site in all of Birdland! Along with covering all the news and updates for the major league club, we also cover each Orioles minor league affiliate to keep you up-to-date on all things Birdland! Without further ado, we would like to introduce ourselves!

Jared Watson – Co-Creator/Writer/Editor

Hello! My name is Jared Watson, and I am one of the Co-Creators of The Baltimore Battery! I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am currently attending Salisbury University, where I am studying to become a sports broadcaster in their Communications program. I began watching Orioles baseball in 2011. Ever since, I have bled orange and black and have never looked back!

Davis Carbaugh – Co-Creator/Writer

Hey everyone! My name is Davis Carbaugh, and I am a Co-Creator of The Baltimore Battery! I am a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan from Chesapeake, Virginia. I follow all sports, and my passion is sports writing and sports journalism. In addition to the O’s, I am a big fan of my hometown Norfolk Tides! My earliest childhood memory is sitting on Cal Ripken Jr.’s lap as a three-year-old! The Orioles are an up-and-coming team with an exciting farm system, and I am super excited to report all things Orioles and give my takes for The Baltimore Battery!

Justin Sutphin – Co-Creator/Writer

Hello everybody! My name is Justin Sutphin, and I’m a Co-Creator of The Baltimore Battery! I am 25 years old, currently studying journalism at The Community College of Baltimore County. I was born and raised in the Baltimore County area, and I have been a die hard Orioles fan since I was eight years old! I can’t wait to bring you all the content you desire! Let’s Go O’s!

Leroy Travers – Senior Correspondent/Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Leroy Travers, and I am a senior correspondent and writer for The Baltimore Battery! I am 45 years old and have been an Orioles die hard since the age of six! I was born and raised in Southern Delaware at a time when the Orioles were the only game in town. I have been an educator for over 20 years, serving in the roles of teacher, principal, Executive Director and Department of Education Supervisor. I also have four children, who have all been raised to bleed orange and black! I can’t wait to bring you content about the current Orioles with a historical perspective!

Scott Tomko – Writer

Greetings to my fellow Oriole fans around the world! My name is Scott Tomko, and I have been an avid fan of our hometown baseball club since the mid-summer of 1991. It was in August of that year that I carefully ripped out a picture of Cal Ripken Jr. from an Orioles program and taped it on my bedroom wall. From that time on, I was literally hooked on baseball and the Orioles, which was almost perfect from the standpoint that Camden Yards opened in 1992; the park would quickly become a “home away from home” for me on summer evenings and remains so to this very day. Joining The Baltimore Battery is, likewise, another perfect opportunity for me, as it gives me a chance to combine my profession (writing) with my passion (Orioles baseball)! I look forward to providing some unique coverage and commentary on our beloved team that hopefully gives my fellow fans an interesting read from time to time!  

Stephen Heckman – Writer

Starting off any fan’s life, we must begin at the very beginning. For me, Stephen Heckman, baseball became the love of my life. I played it for eight years and was even offered try-outs with the Braves and Reds. I’m now 41 years of age and have been a die hard Orioles fan since I first noticed a player whom I share the same birthday with. This wasn’t just any ordinary player…this was a role model, a hero. You all might know him as a Rookie of the Year, 2x MVP, a 19-time All-Star, and a 2x Gold Glover. To the world, he is known as the Iron Man, the man who played in 2,632 consecutive games. He was the guy who made showing up to work, regardless of feeling, a priority. To everyone, he is Cal Ripken Jr., but to me, he is the guy whom I share August 24 with every year. He is my hero and made me an Orioles fan back in 1983, but ultimately he made me believe in Orioles Magic for the entirety of my time here on Earth! I can’t wait to share my writing with all of Birdland!

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