Orioles announce full 2022 minor league coaching staff & personnel

Major League Baseball may be locked out as owners and players fight over money, but that doesn’t mean the Minor Leagues can’t conduct business as usual.

The Baltimore Orioles have announced their Minor League and development staff for those players making their way through the system into our beloved Bird’s Nest and welcomed by Orioles fans far and wide.

To start off, Koby Perez will be returning for his fourth season as senior director of international scouting. He will be joined by Mike Snyder, who is in his third season as head of professional scouting. This will be his 14th season with the Orioles.

Heading up our draft operations as director is Brad Ciolek. After 11 seasons with this Orioles, this will be his first as director. Joining Ciolek as coordinator of draft operations is former fellow scout, Chandler Couch.

Our scouting analysts are Hendrick Herz, Alex Tarandek, Chad Tatum, Kevin Carter, Will Robertson and Ben MacLean. Luke Siler will be returning as a consultant for the scouting analysts. Tying into the scouting department, the Orioles are returning all area scouts from last year, as well with John Pierson and Jake Tillinghast as pro scouting consultants.

One area the Orioles administration has focused on heavily is the international market. The former front office had little to no show, where Elias has made it a priority to utilize and make the O’s a well-known presence.

In Puerto Rico, the Orioles are represented by Anibal Zayas. Extending into the the Dominican Republic, Latin America supervisor Gerardo Cabrera is assisted by Michael Cruz, Rafael Belén, Luis Noel and Francisco Rosario.

The Orioles’ presence in Venezuela will be headed by new scout Oscar Alvarado and returning scout Adel Granadillo. They both will be supported by administrative consultant, Scarlett Blanco.

Going more in-depth with our personnel, Anderson Tavares will serve as our Latin America pitching supervisor. Joining him as our complex pitching and rehab coordinator will be Dave Schmidt, who is in his 25th season with the organization.

Rancel Rosado and Elvis Fernández will work with the Dominican Academy, with Samuel Vega joining the organization as the Latin fielding coordinator.

Headed back to the mainland, the Orioles also announced their player development staff.

Heading up the top farm system in baseball is Matt Blood, who returns for his third season as director of player development. He will be joined by director of Minor League operations, Ken Qualls, who will be back for his 10th season.

Ramón Alarcón earned a promotion to coordinator of Minor League operations, joining Anaíma Garcia, who was promoted to coordinator of intercultural education. This is also her third season with the Orioles.

As coordinator of technology, Joe Beltelho returns for his second season, adding state-of-the-art advancements in Orioles development with players.

Cody Ashe, who was signed from the Phillies organization, joins Anthony Villa as hitting coordinators for the minors. Ashe will serve as upper-level coordinator and Villa as lower-level hitting coordinator. Both carry a philosophy of patience and plate discipline. After serving as a coach for two seasons, Jeff Kunkel received a promotion and will serve as coordinator of instruction.

Adam Schuck and David Barry will serve as the pitching and hitting player development analysts, with Jackson McConnell helping out as an assistant.

Scott Stansbury, formerly with Notre Dame, and A.J. Cano, formerly with the Yankees, join the Orioles as the medical coordinators, with Cano handling the international side of the position.

The rest of the medical staff includes Byron Campbell as Minor League physical therapist, Nick White as head of strength and performance, Will Alli as Minor League strength coordinator, Brandon Farish as rehab strength coach, dietitian Alexandra Moses, Marc Lewis as sports science facilitator, biochemist Joey Mylott and Katheryn Rowe as mental skills coach.

On the coaching side of things, the Orioles have filled all vacancies and promoted some of their staff as well. The Minor League teams will consist of coaching staffs with some familiar names.

Dominican Summer League (Team A & B):

Managers: Elbis Morel and Chris Madera

Pitching Coaches: Jake Witt and Dioni Pascual

Hitting Coaches: Julían Gonzalez and Christian Poulsen

Fundamentals Coaches: Ramon Lubo and Miguel Jabalera

Athletic Trainer: Aliks Lorie and Brian Bolaños

Strength and Conditioning Coaches: Julio Diaz and Roman Gomez

For the Orioles Complex League, Matt Packer and Christian Frias will be making their managerial debuts. Let’s take a look at what the rest of the staff looks likes.

Complex League (Teams A & B):

Managers: Matt Packer and Christian Frias

Pitching Coaches: Adam Bleday and Andy Sadoski

Hitting Coaches: Josh Bunselmeyer and Jaylen Ferguson

Fundamentals Coaches: Troy Morrow and Collin Woody

Developmental Coach: Chase Sebby

Athletic Trainers: Gary Smith and Sara Padilla

Strength and Conditioning Coaches: Louis Palacios and Sam Sauer

For the Delmarva Shorebirds, former director of the Dominican Academy, in 15 years with the Orioles system, Felipe Rojas Alou Jr. will make his managerial debut with the Shorebirds. The Shorebirds coaching staff looks as follows:

Manager: Felipe Rojas Alou Jr.

Pitching Coach: Joe Haumacher

Hitting Coach: Brink Ambler

Fundamentals Coach: Daniel Fajardo

Developmental Coach: Collin Murray

Athletic Trainer: Julio Ibarra

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Liz Pardo

The Aberdeen IronBirds get first-time professional manager Roberto Mercado as their new skipper. Aberdeen’s coaching staff will look like this:

Manager: Roberto Mecado

Pitching Coach: Forrest Herrmann

Hitting Coach: Zach Cole

Fundamentals Coach: Isaiah Page

Developmental Coach: Ryan Goll

Atheltic Trainer: Allysse Kramer

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Mike Thompson

Kyle Moore is back for his fifth season as a manager in the Orioles system. This year he makes his Double-A debut after managing the IronBirds last season. Here is Bowie’s coaching staff.

Manager: Kyle Moore

Pitching Coach: Josh Conway

Hitting Coach: Brandon Becker

Fundamentals Coach: Tim DeJohn

Developmental Coach: Billy Facteau

Athletic Trainer: William Kelly

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chandler Geller

The Triple-A Norfolk Tides are where most eyes will be watching, as Buck Britton will make his Triple-A managerial debut. After riding a playoff finalist last season with the Baby Birds on the rise, Britton will carry most of those names over with him when he manages the Tides this year. The coaching staff is as follows:

Manager: Buck Britton

Pitching Coach: Justin Ramsey

Hitting Coach: Tim Gibbons

Fundamentals Coach: Ramón Sambo

Developmental Coach: Joshua Rodrigues

Athletic Trainer: Alan Rail

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Jon Medici

The year 2022 should make for a fun season, as we start to see the rebuild taking shape. With our Minor League staffs set and our personnel department ready to go, the Orioles should have one hell of a year and make for interesting stories and follows.

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