Why ‘Why Not?’


Inbaseball, hope springs eternal, and I consider myself an eternal optimist.

However, as an Orioles fan in 2022, I am also, unfortunately, a realist.

And, with that, I am going to predict that the Orioles will finish this season with a 61-101 record.

Reason number one is the most glaringly obvious reason: the starting rotation.

In my estimation, John Means’ four to five innings of solid pitching before he is removed for a series of incompetent relievers; he also surrendered quite a few home runs last season (and his only real highlight was a no-hitter in May). I will say that Means will turn in an 11-9 record this year, 3.98 ERA, at best.

The rest of the staff is a hodgepodge of journeymen and unproven youngsters.

Secondly, this team doesn’t know how to hit. Sure, they can hit home runs and strikeout aplenty, but they rarely have those things called ‘rallies.’

Our best hitter, Trey Mancini, hit .255 last season.

I do not expect Cedric Mullins or Ryan Mountastle to turn in the years that they did in 2021; this will be a true test for both of them, and the only thing we can count on is 130-150 strikeouts.

I think that Adley Ruschman remains the potentially most exciting aspect of 2022 for Orioles fans, and who knows when to expect him.

And, can he pitch?

We often win on Opening Day, and I’m predicting another win on the opener this year.

But, I think there are many more reasons ‘why’ this will be a losing season, as much as I’d love to believe in ‘Why not?’

How do you see the O’s 2022 season playing out? Give us your predictions in the comments below, and be sure to follow The Baltimore Battery on Facebook and Twitter! And, make sure to use the hashtag #baltimorebattery when sharing our content to show your Birdland swag!

Published by Scott Tomko

Hack Wilson had 191 RBI in 1930. For decades, it was 190, and then they found one more. It wasn't officially added to the record books until 1999, a half century after Hack passed away. I think if I were Hack Wilson, I would have refused that RBI, because 190 just sounds better.

One thought on “Why ‘Why Not?’

  1. 61 wins makes you an eternal optimist. No kidding! I’m going 52-110. Like you said, no pitching and no real hitting. Odor will strike out 200 times, 7 or 8 others guys will strike out more than 100 times. The team Batting Average may get as high as .240. I could go on and on, but the roster is not improved from last year, so why go higher than 52?


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