5 players O’s could pursue via trade in 2023

This offseason hasn’t necessarily been quiet for the Orioles’ front office, but it’s not been nearly as eventful as many fans may have wanted.

However, GM Mike Elias and company have made the team better and well-rounded, and there’s still time to make more moves.

Realistically, the only remaining free agent move I see the team making is signing right-hander Michael Wacha. Therefore, why don’t we take a look at some potential trade targets?

The trade market seems to be the most likely option left to fill that last major need for the roster, so let’s go over some potential candidates that the O’s could pursue in 2023.

1.) Anthony DeSclafani: Right-Handed Pitcher – San Francisco Giants

Anthony DeScalfani spent his last two seasons with the San Francisco Giants after five years with the Cincinnati Reds.

It has been a few up and down years for the right-hander, but the talent and the ability are there. At the age of 32, there is still quality pitching left in his tank.

It’s no secret that the Orioles could use another starting pitcher. They need a guy who can put up some quality starts and impact this rotation enough to translate some of those close losses into wins in 2023.

DeSclafani might not be a bonafide ace, but with John Means still recovering from surgery and prospects still growing, he’s a strong starting option that can really bring some stability to this rotation. Plus, his contract isn’t too crazy and wouldn’t require much in return.

2.) Corbin Burnes: Right-Handed Pitcher – Milwaukee Brewers

Now, this is the trade that most, if not all, Orioles fans are praying to the baseball gods to allow happen.

Burnes is the definition of an ace and just won the NL Cy Young Award in 2021. He would very much possibly make this rotation very strong and prime this team for a strong playoff season.

Burnes followed up his 11-5, 2.43 ERA season from 2021 with a 12-8, 2.94 ERA season last year. He’s only had one of his five seasons have an above a 3.00 ERA, and he’s also eclipsed 230 strikeouts in the last two consecutive seasons.

If Burnes were to sign an extension, it would be pretty hefty, but a Cy-Young-winning ace is always worthy of a strong investment. Needless to say, Burnes would be a picture-perfect piece for the Orioles and could be their No. 1 for the foreseeable future.

3.) Brandon Woodruff: Right-Handed Pitcher – Milwaukee Brewers

Brandon Woodruff for the Orioles would be like wanting Steve Rogers’ Captain America and getting Sam Wilson’s Captain America instead. He’s not the better option out of himself and Burnes, but he’s still a good option.

Woodruff would arguably be a No. 1 for a majority of the league, and his arbitration salary wouldn’t totally be a killer for the O’s payroll.

He has only allowed an over 4.00 ERA season once over the last six years and tallied a strong 13-4 record last season. He had 190 strikeouts last year and a 3.05 ERA, strong numbers for a very promising young-ish player.

Woodruff may not be Burnes, but he would absolutely be the best option if he joined the O’s and would make them instant playoff contenders. A guy with a decent price tag and the proven capability and stuff of an ace, all while having a lot left in the tank, the Orioles at least have to try to swing at this one if they can’t acquire Burnes.

4.) Tarik Skubal: Left-Handed Pitcher – Detroit Tigers

Tarik Skubal would be an option that has not put up a truly dominate or powerful season but has shown some real flashes and promise.

Skubal would be a great low-cost option that could truly turn into something special in the coming years.

He has averaged a 4.15 ERA since joining the Tigers in 2020, but he’s also posted two seasons over 100 strikeouts, including one where he tallied 164. They’re not flashy or remarkable numbers by any means, but they show he’s certainly very capable.

At the ripe age of 26, Skubal’s best years might just be ahead of him. If the Orioles could land him on a discount, they could end up with the next young stud arm and, at the very least, wind up getting a formidable left-hander to help round out their rotation.

5.) Kenta Maeda: Right-Handed Pitcher – Minnesota Twins

This is more of a wild card option for the Orioles than a sure, practical option. Maeda has put up some strong seasons over the years, but that means he also commands some attention from other teams needing a veteran arm.

Over the course of six seasons, Maeda has tallied over 100 strikeouts in five of them and over 150 in three of them. He has put up a record of 59-41 and has a career ERA of 3.87.

Maeda is 34 years old, so who’s to say how much he even has left in the tank? Oh, and remember when I said he should command a hefty price tag?

Well, he’s currently only on the books for a little over $3 million annually. He may be aging, but he’s a cheap option who may still have a few quality years left in him.

There you have it. These are the guys that I think the Orioles have the best chance to land in a trade. I do understand that they are all pitchers, but that’s because pitching is the team’s biggest need, especially when it comes to the starting rotation.

With the farm system the Orioles have, any team would be willing to at least listen to any potential deal. This is something the Houston Astros did to seal multiple World Series Championships.

Right now, starting pitching is the one position where they have a true, major need. It’s the one remaining position that could really push them over the top if they can land a star (*cough, cough* Corbin Burnes *cough, cough*).

Which player would you like to see the Orioles front office go after the most? Let us know in the comments below! And make sure to follow The Baltimore Battery on Facebook and Twitter, and use the hashtag #baltimorebattery when sharing our content!

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2 thoughts on “5 players O’s could pursue via trade in 2023

  1. First time reader of the site … Where has it been hiding.
    So, I’m not sure they’re financially ready take on the likes of Corbin Burnes, but thanks for allowing us to dream a little bit here Kyle.
    If we to choose one of your 5 … then I’d gladly settle Captain America #2 Woodruff.
    Drink Pepsi my Friends


  2. First time reader of the site … Where has it been hiding.
    So, I’m not sure they’re financially ready take on the likes of Corbin Burnes, but thanks for allowing us to dream a little bit here Kyle.
    If we to choose one of your 5 … then I’d gladly settle Captain America #2 Woodruff.
    Drink Pepsi my Friends


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