Camden Yards to get new concessions operator in 2023

One of the most fun aspects of going to a Major League Baseball game is the exciting array of culinary options to choose from, most being unique to their respective ballpark.

There’s no question that Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the cream of the crop when it comes to ballpark-fan experience, as it has been included in the top five in most rankings over the last four decades.

The beautiful, state-of-the-art design of OPACY has never been replicated, though many have tried. But the scenery isn’t the only aspect that makes this ballpark a true spectacle to baseball fans all over the world.

The vast selection of concessions presented in the “ballpark that forever changed baseball” is something that screams Maryland pride, with staples such as crab dip pretzels, crab cake egg rolls and old bay french fries. Throw that in with classic ballpark eats, and you have yourself a trip to Maryland Flavortown.

Sports wagering website conducted a poll in 2021 that showed Camden Yards was ranked first of all 30 ballparks when it comes to food, with fans giving props to top-rated eats like the beef and pork sandwiches at Boog’s BBQ, loaded hot dogs from Stuggy’s and crab cakes from Harris Creek Oyster & Seafood.

But with most things in life, sometimes change is needed to shake things up and keep them fresh. The Orioles announced Thursday that they have partnered with Levy, a Chicago-based hospitality company, to manage concessions at Camden Yards beginning in 2023.

“Oriole Park has been a first-class destination for sports and music entertainment fans for over three decades, and as we look to the future to enhance the footprint and impact of Camden Yards, we are excited to welcome Levy onboard.”

– Orioles chairman John Angelos on the organization’s new partnership with Levy

The new partnership marks the end of the team’s contract with Delaware North, the Buffalo, New York-based company that had handled food and beverage sales at Camden Yards since 2010. The previous deal with Delaware North expired in December.

According to an Orioles spokesperson, some popular vendors, including Boog’s and Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, will continue to serve food at the stadium under the new contract. These are the consensus top places to grab a bite at the yard, so it’s great they are remaining.

Levy handles concessions at numerous stadiums and ballparks around the country, including Nationals Park, FedEx Field and Audi Field in the Washington region, and locally for Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen.

The announcement of this new partnership said that the contract will offer “opportunities for up-and-coming chefs, restaurateurs and food and beverage tastemakers in the Baltimore area” as well as “food and beverage with local twists.”

“Camden Yards is a truly special place, and it sparked the evolutionary thinking that brought the fan experience to the forefront. With this inspiration, we look forward to collaborating with the Orioles and their fans to bring forward a hospitality experience that creates long-lasting memories on game day and throughout the Baltimore community.”

– Levy CEO Andy Lansing on the new hospitality partnership

Levy will also offer new technology that will allow “faster and frictionless check-out options,” according to the announcement. This is something convenient for fans, so they can grab their food and make it back in time to see their favorite Oriole take the batter’s box.

New and exciting culinary experiences await at the yard in 2023, and you will just have to taste to see if the change is positive.

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2 thoughts on “Camden Yards to get new concessions operator in 2023

  1. I won’t know until I see and try the new offerings. I hope food will be fresher. Nothing worse than cold fries and dried out food.


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