Case for & against O’s trading Trey Mancini

Trey Mancini has gotten a lot of mileage out of the fact that he was probably the best player on the team between his arrival in Baltimore and being forced to miss a year with cancer two years ago.

But now, he has been surpassed. There are certainly several better athletes on the team than he and several equally good players.

The Orioles have much better team speed and just more talent than they did when Trey almost was the most talented player there.

He is a fine first baseman, but the team wants Ryan Mountcastle there on an every-day basis. Mancini is now more or less a permanent DH.

There isn’t much job security in being a full-time DH when you’re 0 for your last 25 (as of the conclusion of last night’s thrilling win).

The emotional aspect is really the most persuasive argument for keeping him. What would happen to morale if he were traded?

Who would take up the leadership mantle? The Orioles’ chemistry cannot be overstated at the moment, and he is at the leading edge of it.

On the other hand, being traded to a contender would do his own morale and career a huge favor, not to mention his wallet. His impending salary situation, not his recent slump, would be the driving reason to unload him.

Give him to a team that has World Series potential and the ability to give him a whopping new paycheck, and it’s a win-win proposition.

One would think he probably even wants a change of scenery because of the frustration of trying to hit home runs over The Great Wall of Baltimore. He would gain in the power department, thus helping a team more, if he played in a stadium with a hitter-friendly left field wall.

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Published by Steve Katz

I started following the Orioles the year of the Frank Robinson trade, and I'm just as intense now as ever, in spite of the circumstances of the last few years. UMCP graduate, former reporter, editor and blogger.

2 thoughts on “Case for & against O’s trading Trey Mancini

  1. Thanks very much for reading and responding, Harry. Something tells me that would make the most sense, especially if he heats up again.


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