3 contributing factors to Orioles 10-game winning streak

Well, one small part of a big season unfortunately came to a end Friday July, the O’s 10-game winning streak that put them over .500.

While we are sad to see this go, I personally feel like we need to talk about how this impacted the team as a whole.

Here are three things about the 10-game winning streak that are either shocking or contributed to the accomplishment.

3. Ramón Urías’ Bat

When Oriole fans heard that utility player Ramón Urías was coming back to the lineup, roars of cheers were heard around the Birdland community.

After missing a month of action, Urías returned to the Oriole lineup July 4, and he immediately made an impact. He would start his dominance July 5, when he would have a 2-for-5 day at the plate with two RBIs in the process.

From there, Urías would have one of the best tears we have seen for the Orioles in a long time. During the 10-game winning streak, Urías would slash .370/.452/.481 with a OPS of .933 and would also lead the team during the streak with eight RBIs, and while playing in nine of the 10 games, would strike out just one time.

2. The Bullpen Being Dominant

We all know that the Orioles bullpen has been completely dominant throughout the entire season. But the bullpen was maybe the biggest factor during this 10-game winning streak.

During the streak, the bullpen would go 3-0 in 34.7 innings, give up 28 total hits, 11 earned runs for an ERA of 2.85, walk 10 batters and strike out 46. They would also tally 18 holds and go 5-for-7 on save opportunities.

Cionel Pérez not giving up a single hit, and Jorge López grabbing eight strikeouts in five innings of work are just two of the star arms of this group. There’s nothing like a bullpen that carries a team to victory.

1. Adley’s Insane Eye

We all love our beautiful catcher behind the plate, Adley Rutschman. The switch-hitting former No. 1 prospect has been an absolute blessing to have since his MLB Debut.

One thing that we also talk so highly about is his insane vision at the plate. The way he can take an 0-2 count and take countless beautiful takes to turn it into a 3-2 count is remarkable to see for his age.

During the streak, Adley drew eight walks, leading the team. Now, why is this impressive? It’s because of two reasons.

The first being he doubled the people in second place in walks during the winning streak. And secondly, he had the same amount of walks as Urías had RBIs, Rougned Odor had hits, Anthony Santander had singles and, best of all, Dillion Tate had holds.

Adley with those walks also took a .226 batting average and made himself look more impressive with a .385 on-base percentage. Birdland, we have a star in the making.

Remember, Birdland, this team plays with heart, and I have the faith that we see something like this again in the near future.

This team has been super fun to watch, and we’re all sad to see this winning streak go. Let’s keep filling the seats of Camden Yards and supporting our Birds for the remainder of the season.

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