Jones’ mysterious invitation; MASN broadcasters to be live at road games

It came to the forefront of the news Monday that former Oriole outfielder Adam Jones had not received an invitation (assuming one was sent) to the Orioles’ 30th Anniversary celebration of Camden Yards.

In what may be more important news, MASN announced today that it will send its game broadcasters on the road for the first time since 2019, beginning with tonight’s opener of a three-game series at Yankee Stadium, as reported by The Baltimore Sun.

The broadcast team has been calling games by going to Camden Yards and watching their monitor in the TV booth up until now, which might be the reason the broadcasters’ reaction to what viewers can see has been a split second late.

COVID precautions have been the stated reason MASN has not sent their play-by-play talent to road games this season. The Orioles were the only team left this season whose broadcasters didn’t travel with the team.

At any rate, Jones was a pretty big deal in Baltimore for a decade, as players go. But he was on the talk show “Reeta and Glenn” on 105.7 The Fan Sunday, and he spoke of a conversation he’d had with former Oriole infielder Robert Andino, in which Andino asked if he’d heard anything from the team about the anniversary activities.

In telling the story, he said he told Andino he hadn’t and said he told Andino, “Damn … that (bleeps).”

When contacted, an Oriole spokesman told The Sun they are trying to get in touch with Jones about a possible reunion.

A few things come to mind. One, the 30th Anniversary of Camden Yards is all season, and whatever activities will be sprinkled in have not been announced.

Two, considering the number of Oriole alumni the team would want to bring back for the celebration, one wonders when the invitations started going out. Something like that takes a lot of planning.

We also don’t know what other former Orioles of the last 30 years have or have not already been invited or are still awaiting invitations. Jones is just the first we’ve heard about.

He’s been playing in Japan for the past two seasons on a two-year contract with the Orix Buffaloes of Nippon Professional Baseball, but the Buffaloes did not exercise their option for 2022.

Where Jones now resides is unknown, but if the “Reeta and Glenn” show reached out to him to be a guest on Sunday’s show, his contact information is around somewhere. If someone at the radio station has it, the team, his former employer, probably does.

The whys and wherefores of the Orioles’ not having contacted him, at least as of today as far as we’ve heard, are unknown, so it would be dangerous to assume any fault on the part of the team.

They may be trying as we speak, because they said they would. Whom else they have called to participate in the celebration is anybody’s guess.

Any casting of blame is just talk show fodder for now.

UPDATE: Earlier today on 105.7 The Fan, it was announced that the Orioles have indeed reached out to Jones and invited him to the 30th Anniversary festivities later this season.

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