O’s, GM Mike Elias had interest in free agent Carlos Correa prior to lockout

In the world of sports, a large amount of what goes on is easily seen and known by the public. But what makes sports so great is a lot of happenings go under the radar and come to light later down the line.

For the Orioles, even amidst this unprecedented work stoppage, that statement remains true. In this example, the rumor of Mike Elias’ interest in signing free agent shortstop Carlos Correa came to light recently.

Although this is more or less a rumor, albeit confirmed by sources associated with Puerto Rican media company Con Las Bases Llenas, as well as Correa’s former agent, this is huge news.

Every free agent would love to sign a contract big enough to bless generations of their family from a World Series contender. That’s a gimme.

However, a deal that brings Correa to Baltimore makes a lot more sense than the general baseball fan has enough pride to admit.

At 27 years old, Correa has a decent amount of ties to the Baltimore Orioles GM that dates back to the beginning of his professional career. Correa was drafted by the Houston Astros as the first overall selection in the 2012 MLB Draft. The man that put Correa on the Astros radar was none other than Mike Elias.

Also, Correa has come out to say he is willing to sign a long-term deal with a rebuilding team. With that being said, it makes all the more sense he would want to do that on a team with a stacked farm system led by the guy who helped draft him.

Reports have stated the Orioles were planning on offering a 10-year, $350 million deal to the Gold Glove shortstop. With over $151 million free to spend for the Orioles in a world with no lockout, Correa could be a truly affordable piece.

In order for Elias’ squad to fare in the A.L. East, a stacked farm system won’t get the job done by itself. Elias does understand this and is not afraid of going after a guy like Correa.

With a career slash line of .277/.346/.481 and a Gold Glove and two All-Star appearances to his name, Correa would be the kind of signing that changes the tide of baseball in the city of Baltimore.

Again, all of these reports are in response to rumors, however, ones that have much more backing to them than regular rumors.

More will come from this story in the near future, and The Baltimore Battery will be there to keep you informed through it all.

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One thought on “O’s, GM Mike Elias had interest in free agent Carlos Correa prior to lockout

  1. Sure it would be nice to have Correa but didn’t we hear this with Machado about changing the tide of baseball in Baltimore. Didn’t happen and I don’t think Correa would come to Baltimore anyway.


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