Oriole Park at Camden Yards celebrates 30th Anniversary in 2022

Do you remember where you were on April 6, 1992? For many, that day was no different than the rest. But for some, it marked a new beginning for the Baltimore Orioles.

Thirty years ago, Cal Ripken Jr. led our beloved Orioles out into what would now be known as the greatest ballpark in all of baseball, Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

For the 30th Anniversary of this historic ballpark, the Baltimore Orioles are going all-in to celebrate. Much like the 25th Anniversary, the Orioles will wear a patch on their uniforms to commemorate 30 years of the best damn ballpark in baseball.

A very interesting move by the Orioles is that Birdland members will receive a vial of dirt from Camden Yards’ infield. Not the gift I would have expected, but I would actually love to have that!

Some other really great ideas the team is rolling out are $10 Eutaw Street bleacher seats and the Oriole Park Exhibit.

These $10 Eutaw Street bleacher seats will be available Monday through Thursday, except for Opening Day. That is an incredible deal! Not only is it a great tribute to how easy and cheap going to games used to be, it’s also a clever way to increase ticket sales.

The other cool festivity that caught my eye when reading about this celebration was the Oriole Park Exhibit.

Everyone knows how historic OPACY is, and seeing it in a reminiscent manner will be fantastic. It will be cool to look back on the stadium that made me fall in love with baseball and see how it has changed since I became a fan.

Throughout this season, the Orioles will roll out countless giveaways to tribute the park’s 30th Anniversary. Be sure to stay up to date with these giveaways and The Baltimore Battery too, as we will deliver all of your Orioles news and updates!

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