Orioles announce plans for new player development facility in Dominican Republic

When Mike Elias took the seat of General Manager in 2018, we all knew things would change. One of Elias’ main points was to invest the Orioles into the international market.

This morning, the Orioles announced a giant step in this new international involvement. A brand new 22.5 acre facility will be built in Guerra, Dominican Republic, hosting three fields, dorms, and educational facilities.

In 12-16 months, the Orioles will hold one of the nicest facilities in all of the international market. Being a team who, for my entire 24 years, has completely ignored the international side of the game, this is a very good sight. After the largest international signing period in Orioles history, Elias and the rest of the organization one-upped themselves with the announcement of this new facility.

Koby Perez, the Orioles Senior Director of International Scouting, is especially excited for this announcement.

“This complex will play a vital role in our ability to attract international talent to the organization, but the impact will extend far beyond the field.”

– Koby Perez on the new facilities

A huge problem for the Orioles in recent years, besides completely ignoring the international market, has always been the lack of appeal for young international players to join the organization. Along with the recent signings, this facility itself will greatly improve the appeal to young players.

As more updates on this new facility surface, The Baltimore Battery will be quick to deliver the news! Be sure to follow us on the web and on Facebook and Twitter to learn more!

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