Battery Q&A 2021: Edition 2

Hello, Battery Fam, and welcome back to another edition of Battery Q&A! In this series, we answer all of your Orioles questions that you submit to us via Facebook and Twitter! We have a few interesting topics to cover this week, so let’s get right into it!

How are we going to catch spring training games on the screen? What do we need to know?Robert Smith via Facebook

The answer to this question is a little up in the air at the moment, Robert.

As we all know, O’s games are broadcasted through the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network and through the Orioles Radio Network or 105.7 The Fan. But, what we don’t know is which spring training games will be broadcasted as of now.

Usually, MASN will announce which games will be played on TV a couple days before the first exhibition game. MLB.TV will broadcast a select number of games when MASN won’t be, but the stream will have the away team’s announcers calling the game.

Look for a more certain answer in the next few days or so.

Are they allowing fans with masks at the practice sessions at Twin Lakes until games begin?Bill Jones via Facebook

This answer is simple. No, they are not.

According to, a part of their “How to Stay Gameday Ready” section of their Spring Training Health & Safety page says that autographs will be prohibited this season.

The section says that fans have to do their part to keep the team safe. It also encourages fans not to gather around or near the dugout or field.

So, that autographed Trey Mancini baseball will have to wait.

Will fans be allowed to attend games at Ed Smith Stadium this spring?Bryan Davidson via Twitter

Yes! The O’s plan to welcome a limited number of fans to attend games at Ed Smith Stadium this spring.

The club will implement “pod” seating throughout the ballpark to ensure proper social distancing of at least six feet between each group of ticket holders. With this policy in place, the Orioles will make 1,833 tickets available for each game, operating at approximately 25 percent capacity.

Birdland Memberships and 5-Game Flex Plans are currently on sale at Single-game tickets for remaining seats will be available for purchase beginning tomorrow, Saturday, February 20.

Fans will have to adhere to the team’s health and safety policies. That means wearing a mask that covers both the nose and mouth at all times. The team also encourages fans to wash their hands often when at the ballpark and to stay six feet apart from others.

Fans are strongly encouraged to utilize digital ticketing for easy and contactless entry to the ballpark. Fans can access tickets and parking passes on their mobile device through the MLB Ballpark App, logging in with the same email address that was used to purchase the tickets.

Also, Ed Smith Stadium will not accept any cash payments to limit touch points. Therefore, fans will have to pay using credit or debit cards through the ballpark. This includes at concession stands, ticket windows, and parking lots.

There will be 14 games played in Sarasota this spring, 10 of which will be played at 1:05 p.m. and four at 6:05 p.m.

There will also be four giveaways:

March 6: Orioles Outdoor Pint Glasses (Set of 2)

March 12: Orioles Vest

March 21: 50th Anniversary 1970 WS Tote Bag

March 29: Orioles Spring Training T-Shirt

Well, that’s going to do it for this edition of Battery Q&A! If you have any questions you want to have answered, please comment on our posts on Facebook and Twitter to be featured in our next Battery Q&A article!

Also, for all the O’s information and updates you want, follow The Baltimore Battery on Twitter and Facebook!

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