Monday Thoughts 2021: Edition 2

Welcome back to The Baltimore Battery’s Monday Thoughts column! in the past week a whole bunch has happen within the Orioles organization, and I am here today to break all of that down for you guys!

Without further ado, let’s get right into it

1. MASN is severely cut down due to budget cuts

Undoubtedly the biggest news to surface in the past week is the cutting down of the long-time MASN crew, as well as the pre and post game shows. Due to financial hardships as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Orioles decided the best thing to do was take away everything about MASN that every fan loved, and left us with the remains. Jim Hunter, Rick Dempsey, Tom Davis, Gary Thorne, and Mike Bordick have all been relieved of their duties in the broadcast booth. Now instead of a pre game show a half hour before game time, we will only see a short intro by the play-by-play commentators in the booth instead.

One big name that survived these budget cuts is Jim Palmer. Palmer will remain a part of the group, but is unclear whether he will be present or will be tuning in remotely like he had done in 2020. Along with Palmer, the Orioles 2021 broadcast team will consist of Scott Garceau, Brett Hollander, Melanie Newman, Ben McDonald, Kevin Brown, Rob Long, and Geoff Arnold. Brian Roberts will not be in the broadcast booth in 2021, however he will still be a part of the club as the community ambassador.

2. Orioles launch a MASN streaming service for 2021

Finally, the Orioles and MASN have, in a minimal way, entered the world of streaming live games. MASN will be launching an app for 2021, that you can log in with your TV provider and watch live streams of games on the go. Although a step in the right direction, this service is still very limited and far behind the rest as it will be inaccessible if you don’t not already have a cable service to sign in with. The service will cover the seven states under the reign of MASN, but will still have many limits to accessibility.

3. Anthony Santander and Trey Mancini are asked to defer part of their 2021 paychecks

In a very peculiar move that almost immediately followed the canning of the MASN broadcasters, Santander and Mancini were both asked to defer 25% of their paycheck to next season(s), according to a report in The Athletic. The apparent reason is to help alleviate some financial struggle the team is currently facing this year.

Honestly this is a very concerning move the Orioles made. Asking this if your two best players, who are also arbitration eligible, is a very bad look. For a group like the Angelos who is in no way broke, it is nearly unacceptable. While you have a guy playing in less than 20 games where he makes $21 million, it is a slap in the face to the players and fans alike to ask that of two players who are the highlight of what is simply an uncompetitive roster.

After the year that Santander and Mancini especially had to endure, asking this of them is a terrible mistake being made by the Orioles. This story is still ongoing so The Baltimore Battery will be sure to keep you all updated!

What are you thoughts on the week the Orioles has? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow The Baltimore Battery on the web, and on Facebook and Twitter!

One thought on “Monday Thoughts 2021: Edition 2

  1. I’m not interested in watching anymore, the National’s are close and as far as I know haven’t killed off everything we’re use to. If need be I’ll switch to the dark side and start watching the Yankees.


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