MLB owners approve John Angelos to take official leadership of O’s

The Angelos family has been a staple in Baltimore for many years. The family’s patriarch, Peter Angelos, has been running the Orioles since he bought them in 1993.

It’s no doubt that Peter Angelos has been on the stake for many years. From never spending money correctly, to blatantly ignoring wants and needs from players and fans, it is time. Finally, John Angelos, the oldest son of Peter, has been voted by MLB owners to officially take control of the Orioles franchise.

With Peter’s health deteriorating at 91 years old, his son John has a very good sense of what he wants in Baltimore. His hiring of GM Mike Elias two years ago is product of that. Although Peter will still hold most of the franchise financially, his son John will be the ring leader, FINALLY!!!

Although the voting was held in private, we do know the vote passed regardless of the numbers not being told publicly. What this means for the Orioles is that they are staying in Baltimore. According to the The Baltimore Sun, John Angelos wants to reassure fans during the transition that the Birds place in Baltimore is safe!

What a fantastic day in Baltimore and for MLB in general. This turns a very new page in the history of the Orioles, one we have been waiting for close to a decade to hear! Hallelujah!

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