Trey Mancini speaks about cancer diagnosis

In a beautiful article posted on, Trey Mancini himself wrote about his recent cancer diagnosis and how his love for baseball has helped him through.

As everyone now knows, Mancini left the Orioles during spring training in March. A routine physical and blood test found abnormalities in his iron levels, which later revealed a malignant tumor in his colon.

At 27 years of age, this was a complete shock to the baseball community as a whole. Coming off his best season yet, Mancini was devastated to learn the bad news. However, Mancini has maintained his positive attitude. In his article posted on the 28th of April, Mancini said, “I have stage three colon cancer. I started chemotherapy on April 13. I am so lucky.”

Luckily for Mancini, a very good Orioles medical staff was able to address the problems seen in Mancini’s blood test. Mancini also gives credit to the Orioles medical staff in his article, saying that he never would have caught the tumor before it was too late without them. In a touching moment, we see the gratitude Mancini has for baseball, the organization, and the friends and family that have helped him so much in this time.

As the thought of baseball being played in 2020 is nothing but that, a thought, it is known Trey Mancini would not be a part of it.

As some things are bigger than baseball, all Oriole fans and baseball fans alike are rooting for Trey Mancini during this time. We all at the Baltimore Battery hope the best for Trey and can not wait to see him back on the field, hitting line drives to the opposite field like it’s nothing!

Good luck, Trey!

You can check out Trey Mancini’s article here. Don’t forget the tissues.

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