Battery Q&A: Edition 4

Happy Sunday, everyone! We at The Baltimore Battery hope everyone is enjoying their quarantine! Baseball season has yet to return, so we fill that void with The Baltimore Battery’s fourth edition of Battery Q&A!

A comparison of Adam Hall and Cadyn Grenier? – Question from Jim Hill

This is a good question here, as I believe these are two very exciting defensive prospects for the Orioles. Let’s start with differences. The main here would be the age.

At 23 years old, Cadyn Grenier is a more seasoned player, being drafted out of Oregon State University in 2018, following a College World Series victory with teammate Adley Rutschman.

Although Hall was drafted a year earlier in 2017, this youngster is only 20 years old. Drafted out of high school in Canada, Hall has a longer road to the majors.

Playing together in Single-A Delmarva to start the 2019 season, both infielders held solid averages at .253 for Grenier and Hall at .298. Both poised to be solid everyday players, you can expect a lot of at-bats from both players, who have high on-base capability.

Grenier would finish the season with the Frederick Keys, while Hall stayed in Delmarva all of 2019.

I’m still waiting for my refund for a spring training game that was canceled. Nobody answers at the stadium in Sarasota. Any idea of who to call?– Question from Karen Kraus

We are sorry to hear about that unfortunate cancellation. As this is a completely unprecedented situation, a lot of uncertainties are roaming around. However, we will do our best to answer that question.

According to, Ed Smith Stadium is currently unoccupied, which explains no one answering. It is said season ticket holders will automatically receive a refund, as well as fans who bought tickets from Ticketmaster,, StubHub, or the Ed Smith Stadium Box Office.

Unfortunately, it is not said how long that will take, so calling the first three options based on where you bought the tickets would be best.

If the tickets were bought through a third party vendor, you should call that vendor personally in regards to their cancellation policy.

I’ll leave the link to this page on below

How is Trey doing?– Question from Linda Schwartz

Along with the chaos of Coronavirus, Orioles fans hold another heavy load on their shoulders, as they worry about 2019 Orioles MVP, Trey Mancini.

During spring training, Trey was sent away from the team to have an operation on a colon tumor that was found during a routine blood test.

Fortunately for Trey, recovery is going well. A week after the procedure in mid-March, Mike Elias has high hopes for Trey in an interview with the Baltimore Sun. Elias said Trey was up and moving around and is doing well physically, with a very positive mindset.

Discharged from the hospital March 19, Mancini is on a long road to recovering from his surgery. With the start of the season being delayed, some time is bought for an earlier return for Trey, however no timeline on his return has been confirmed by him or by the Orioles.

In the early to mid-70’s, the Orioles had a right fielder who had one of the most amazing right arms that I have ever seen. He blew his knee out early in his career and was done. Name this man. – Question from Karl Kalbach

Karl, would you be talking about Al Bumbry?

Bumbry broke his leg in 1978, when he was sliding into second base. He would only appear in 33 games that season due to his injury.

If this isn’t the man you were talking about, please let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to everybody who participated, and be sure to check out The Baltimore Battery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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