Monday Thoughts: Edition 1

Week of January 6, 2020:

Hello, and welcome everyone to The Baltimore Battery’s newest series, Monday Thoughts!

In this series, I, Jared Watson, will take you through my personal thoughts and questions for the upcoming week. We’ll talk about news, rumors, roster shake-ups, and anything that comes to my mind about the upcoming season and team.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

Coaching Staff Retreat:

With pitchers and catchers reporting to Sarasota in a little over a month, the Orioles will have another coaches retreat.

The purpose of this retreat is to get newly-signed coaches Anthony Sanders, Fredi Gonzalez, and Darren Holmes more acquainted with, not just one another, but with the team and facility.


Orioles manager, Brandon Hyde, said this about the upcoming retreat:

“We’re going to have meetings, and it’s pretty much getting together as a coaching staff, as well as our support staff, with our advance guys and some analysts. It’s pretty much just getting together, talking about spring training, talking about goals, everybody getting on the same page. We have a couple new staff members, and it’s getting familiar with each other before we embark on this journey.”

Brandon Hyde – Orioles manager

With so many new faces entering the organization, this retreat is a helpful concept to get everybody more familiar to the Orioles.

Still No Vet Middle Infielder:

One of Orioles GM Mike Elias’ main focuses this offseason was to sign a veteran middle infielder. That goal has still not been accomplished.

The team was linked to former Cincinnati Reds shortstop, Jose Peraza, before he signed with the Boston Red Sox in December.

So what other names have the O’s been linked to? There is one primarily, and his name is Adeiny Hechavarria.

(Photo: SNY.TV)

Hechavarria is not so much known for his bat, but he can flash levels of greatness with his glove. And that’s what Mike Elias is focused on, defense.

He is looking for someone to help the team’s young pitchers up the middle of the field, and Hechavarria definitely fits that bill.

The Orioles are known for their late-offseason signings, so don’t be surprised if you hear an announcement of an acquisition in the near future.

The Magnificent 8:

With the most recent acquisition of former top 5 draft pick of the Minnesota Twins, starting pitcher Kohl Stewart, the Orioles have eight potential starting rotation candidates heading into spring training.

Mike Elias made it known that he wanted around eight potential players heading into spring that could fight for a rotation spot.


We know that three players are locks. John Means, Alex Cobb, and Asher Wojciechowski are set to be spots one, two, and three in the rotation.

So who are the other five? As of right now, Khol Stewart, Keegan Akin, David Hess, Brandon Bailey, and Michael Rucker are the primary options.

With both Bailey and Rucker being Rule 5 Draft picks, we know they will most likely make the 26-man roster, without any possible drastic struggles that may come. But it is still up in the air what role they will fill.


That is definitely something to keep an eye on this spring. If I could guess right now, I’d say Bailey makes the rotation, and Rucker moves to the bullpen.

Well, that does it for the first edition of Monday Thoughts! If you liked what you read, please feel free to share on any social media, comment your thoughts down below, and come on back next Monday for edition two!

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