Orioles FanFest canceled; No event to take place in 2020

Fan Fest was an annual occurrence here in downtown Baltimore, and it was known as one of the best ways for fans to personally connect with the Orioles players. Unfortunately, among the plethora of changes to the Orioles organization, Fan Fest will not return to Baltimore in 2020.

Accoriding to masnsports.com beat writer Roch Kubatko, the Orioles will be looking for other ways to connect fans with players. Wether Fan Fest has become a dying event in recent years or not, it was always a fantastic experience for all fans.

I think us as Orioles fans need some event such as Fan Fest. With a team that isn’t top tier on the field, the fans need something that attracts them to the team. Before you say I’m bashing Elias and his decisions, know I trust Elias and anything he decides to do. Although, having no personal fan event for the time being, I am a little disappointed.

One of my fondest Orioles memories came from the 2013 Fan Fest. Being a 15 year old die hard Orioles fan, I was coming off a horrid experience the October before. I witnessed, in person, my beloved O’s being knocked out of the 2012 ALDS by the Evil Empire in New York. Coming into Fan Fest in 2013, I was ecstatic to have a positive experience with my Orioles to wipe away that memory of defeat.

After waiting in line for an hour to meet pitcher Miguel Gonzalez, I was next in line. As I spoke with Miguel, you could tell he enjoyed meeting all of his fans. I told him how much I loved his knuckle curve, and that I was there supporting the team for 3 out of 5 games of that ALDS. After getting his autograph, Miguel Gonzalez looked at me and thanked me for the support. That memory meant so much, will always stick with me, and is a catalyst in my endless love for the Orioles. Without Fan Fest, I would have entered the 2013 season with a bad taste, rather than a memory I’ll forever cherish.

Below is a picture of Miguel Gonzalez and I at the 2013 Fan Fest:

I cannot wait for the new wave of fan connection with players, and I trust Mike Elias will propose an idea that trumps Fan Fest. As Fan Fest being cancelled is disappointing, me and all other fans alike should be looking forward to what Elias has in store for the fans.

Until that new event occurs, Fan Fest will forever be a Baltimore Orioles classic.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation of Fan Fest? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to follow The Baltimore Battery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Orioles FanFest canceled; No event to take place in 2020

  1. Fanfest was a way for adults and kids to meet and get autographs from the new and old players the kids got to have fun and do all kinds of games that did not cost the parents a lot of money


  2. They took away the state of The Orioles, this year for season ticket holders, and now FanFest. They have taken all the things that season ticket Holders looked forward to besides a winning product on the field. At this rate. Makes me feel that support for the Orioles is not something that is important to the front office. So one could save a lot of money by just staying home and just watch on TV. Money for tickets, tolls, gas, and wear and tear on the vehicle.


  3. Fanfeast was one of the few affordable ways to connect with the balitmore orioles
    I am concerned that everything revolves around money cutting out the man that already spends most of there disposable income on just a few games
    I go to about 20 minor league games a year I hear that there going to mess with that to
    Netting to foul poles further separating fans from players
    And now no fan feast there cutting out poor people and future fans
    I will not quit being a fan but the little money I have will be spent else where


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