Orioles everywhere; 2019 playoffs are full of former Baltimore Oriole players

In the five year span that the Baltimore Orioles were among the leagues best in 2012-16, many players played a part in that success. Whether they were bred in the Orioles system, short lived free agent signings, or even just minor leaguers, many of those players have went on to find success with other teams.

There’s an unfortunate phenomenon all Orioles fans are aware of, where a subpar player leaves Baltimore and finds great success else where. This is known as “the Jake Arrieta effect.” Many of these players have been pivotal in their current team’s playoff runs, and in this article, I will discuss the influence of former Orioles in the 2019 playoffs.

Let’s start with the less known former Orioles. First off we have Josh Hader, who is known as a phenomenal bullpen arm for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Hader was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 2012 MLB Draft, and following multiple trades, Hader ended up in Milwaukee. Although Hader never touched the field in Camden Yards, he has been huge for the Brewers, leaving Orioles fans to wonder what could have been. Unfortunately, Hader gave up three runs that helped the Washington Nationals beat the Brewers in the NL Wild Card Game.

(Photo: beyondtheboxscore)

Next are relief pitchers Oliver Drake and Chaz Roe, both of whom have been solid pieces in Tampa Bay’s league-best bullpen. So far in the 2019 playoffs, Oliver Drake has yet to allow a run, while Chaz Roe has allowed four. This is even more impressive, considering these guys have helped shut down an incredible offense in the Houston Astros so far in the ALDS.

In the same series, Wade Miley has made an appearance out of the bullpen for the Houston Astros. This is an example where the former Oriole has not done well, as Miley allowed three runs in his one outing thus far.

(Photo: crawfishboxes.com)

One of the most popular former Orioles, Zack Britton, is pitching out of the bullpen for the rival New York Yankees. Being sent to New York in a trade in 2018, Britton has been used as the setup guy for Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman, while still making batters look silly with his fantastic sinker.

(Photo: beyondtheboxscore.com)

The Minnesota Twins were a power house offense, winning over 100 games in 2019, and they showcased two former Orioles. First, Nelson Cruz was one of the biggest pieces of that Twins team. Five years later, Cruz was still hitting bombs, 41 in the regular season and one in the ALDS. Jonathan Schoop also made the Twins playoff roster, although the second baseman hardly saw the field for the Twins in the ALDS.

(Photo: lookoutlanding.com)

Now in the National league, we find a couple of longtime Orioles. First is Matt Wieters with the Cardinals, who has barely seen the field since he is Yadier Molina’s backup. It’s no surprise Molina’s backup would hardly see the field.

(Photo: vivaelbirdos.com)*

Also in St. Louis, is relief pitcher Andrew Miller. Miller has been more of an integral part of that team, as he is still a strong left-handed arm.

The Altanta Braves are a dominant force in the NL, and they have two former longtime Orioles. Darren O’Day, who was a fan favorite in Baltimore, has made the postseason roster despite injury-ridden seasons in 2018 and 2019.

(Photo: washingtonpost.com)

Without a doubt, the most popular former Oriole in the 2019 playoffs and in general, is outfielder Nick Markakis. Markakis has been a huge part of the Atlanta Braves team, serving the same veteran leadership role he played in Baltimore. Markakis is still consistently an above-average player and is enjoying success in these playoffs. Coming off a late season wrist injury, it is great to see our old favorite still rocking in October.

What former Oriole do you think has been the biggest influence for their current playoff team? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to follow The Baltimore Battery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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